Reinventing health education for kids and their teachers with relatable, reliable information

School-based health education programs make a massive difference in current and future health. There’s loads of data (starting with HERE and HERE) showing how these lessons reduce risk taking, stress, injury, and even violence, while enhancing overall wellness. The kids who take these classes and the teachers at the front of the class, too, deserve more than clunky, dreaded content – they should have information rooted in science, delivered with joy. And something that doesn’t feel like it was made in 1982.

Schools have unique communities and needs, so this program is designed to be fully flexible. Each lesson also comes with an outline containing specific scripts for those in need and links to resources for those looking to take a deeper dive. 

Our curriculum is fresh and innovative, and so is the way it’s delivered:

  • Subscribers have access to every teaching module at all grade levels
  • Specific lessons can be turned on/off depending upon a school’s need
  • The curriculum can be used stand-alone or in conjunction with other curricula as needed
  • The platform integrates with all learning management systems

To address the reality that health education content can feel tricky or awkward for educators, professional development is baked into each lesson and also exists as a stand-alone module. Want more? We also offer adjunctive in-person and virtual real time professional development.

Modern Content

Health education needs an update! We address classic and new issues, from anatomy and basic biology to consent and mental health, always using reliable and relatable (funny!) content.

Leading Experts

Created by two of the most respected minds in puberty education, including the doctor behind The Care and Keeping of You series and the authors of This Is So Awkward: Modern Puberty Explained.

Assembly Not Required

Ready-to-present slide decks and comprehensive (but not overwhelming) teacher notes allow educators to be comfortable engaging with students on these topics

Adaptable + Customizable 

Every community is unique and deserves a curriculum that suits  their structure, educational priorities, and specific needs. All lessons are available across an institution, while administrators have the ability to turn off modules that don’t fit the needs of their school.


  • Hygiene
  • Hair care
  • Hydration
  • Body changes for everyone
  • Nutrition + exercise
  • Emotional ups and downs
  • Sleep
  • Consent: personal space


  • Periods
  • Anatomy (female)
  • Anatomy (male)
  • Technology + social media
  • Period products
  • Why we smell
  • Intro to body image
  • Consent: relationships


  • Skin + hair care
  • Brain changes + mood
  • Sleep + mental health
  • Timeline for body changes
  • Concussion + injury prevention
  • Sex education basics
  • Body image: Disordered eating
  • Consent: popularity


  • Growth spurts
  • Personal health
  • Intro to substances
  • Good vs bad stress
  • Shifting friendships
  • Brain development + decision making
  • Body image: social media
  • Consent: media
8th grade that health class image lesson curriculum education


  • Self care
  • Healthy relationships + Intimacy
  • STIs, STDs, + Contraception
  • Substance use + abuse
  • Mental health vocabulary
  • Gender identity + sexual orientation
  • Body image: fad diets + supplements
  • Consent: sexual relationships

That Health Class will be available for purchase in early 2024.
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