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In-person or virtual talks for schools, corporations, and community organizations

In-person or virtual interactive programming for kids, adults, or a combination


Talking about puberty can be like the stage of life itself: awkward! But these conversations are critical for health, happiness, and safety, especially true now that puberty spans the decade between 8-18 (and sometimes beyond). Keynotes are generally 45 minutes, followed by Q+A. While we are happy to target topics to the specific interests of an audience, our most popular talks provide bewildered adults with reliable and relatable information about: 

  • How puberty has changed and how to talk about it
  • The science behind puberty’s physical, emotional, and social shifts
  • Brain development and decision making in tweens and teens (and 20-somethings!)
  • Specific actionable advice about body image, mood swings, sexuality, and more
  • Insights into youth culture, and how puberty influences their behaviors and choices
  • Communicating effectively with tweens and teens


Workshops for kids and their adults offer science and guidance about puberty in an engaging environment. These sessions are generally tailored to specific age groups, some covering general aspects of puberty and others targeting particular topics. Workshops run 1-3 hours and  may be attended by kids, adults, or a combination. Some of the most popular sessions focus on the physical and emotional shifts of puberty:

  • Anatomy and physiology 
  • The impact of hormones on bodies and brains
  • Anticipated emotional ups and downs and how to manage them 
  • Scripts for adults having complex conversations with kids 
  • Role play for navigating common social and familial scenarios in puberty

School Visits

School visits can include talks for students, faculty/staff, administration, and parents. The format and content of these sessions can be customized to meet the needs of the school community, but generally include:

  • Where kids get their information
  • How to open up conversations between kids and trusted adults
  • Anticipating the physical, emotional, and social changes of puberty 
  • How puberty has changed since today’s adults went through it
  • Professional development for educators: managing physical, social and emotional issues related to puberty
  • Understanding the interplay of hormones and behavior during puberty and how to manage it all
  • Adolescent brain development and decision making

Private Events

Our talks and workshops can be adapted for private events hosted in homes or workspaces and also online. Private groups may include:

  • Professional organizations with forum-style groups
  • Corporate employee resource groups (ERGs)
  • Parent education events organized by individuals
  • Tween or teen gatherings hosted in a home or community space

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