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Flashback to 2013. Cara, a pediatrician, released an updated version of the cult-classic puberty book The Care and Keeping of You with American Girl along with a second book in the series (creatively titled The Care and Keeping of You 2). Her then 10-year old daughter was not exactly thrilled by this career pivot, especially when Cara made a guest appearance in her fourth grade health class. A few years later, Cara’s son endured his own humiliation with the publication of Guy Stuff, a boy version of Care and Keeping. Within a decade, Cara had become puberty royalty…a dubious moniker.

Meanwhile, in New York, Vanessa was building Dynamo Girl, a school-based sports empowerment program, when pretty quickly she noticed something surprising: many of the young girls were in puberty. So she broadened the mission of her work and added puberty workshops to her offerings. They became wildly popular… and not just because Vanessa was unafraid to wear pink underpants over her jeans. Vanessa’s message resonated because she used humor and joy to teach people about puberty.

Combining our backgrounds and talents, we launched Order of Magnitude in 2020. On a mission to flip puberty positive, we make product and content for the kids going through it and the adults in their lives, too. Our products undo the pain points of changing bodies (comfy bras, airy shorts, and socks that don’t smell!). And our content answers the endless stream of questions from kids and their adults on every platform imaginable – from books to curriculum to newsletters to podcasts to social media – relatably and reliably. 

To us, it’s go big or go home: let’s make the decade of puberty less awkward… and actually joyful.

Our team


Founder and CEO

Cara is a leading voice in puberty and adolescent health. A pediatrician, speaker, and the co-host of This Is So Awkward Podcast, she is the author of ten books including This Is So Awkward: Modern Puberty Explained and the New York Times bestselling The Care and Keeping of You series. When her own kids started puberty, Cara founded Order of Magnitude, the first company aimed at making this stage of life more comfortable with product and content. Cara graduated from Harvard college and Johns Hopkins Medical School, trained at UCSF, and lives in Los Angeles.


President of Content

Vanessa is a puberty expert, podcaster, and writer who helps adults navigate uncertainty while supporting the kids they love. She is co-author of This Is So Awkward: Modern Puberty Explained, co-host of This Is So Awkward Podcast, and President of Content at Order of Magnitude. Vanessa was founder of Dynamo Girl, a company focused on building kids’ self-esteem through sports and puberty education. A graduate of Wellesley College, Vanessa holds a Masters in Jewish History, but perhaps her most important schooling comes from raising her own four children, ages 13 to 20.


Operations Manager

Beatrice ‘Bebe’ Landau brings design, marketing, and consumer insights to the OOM team. Bebe has spent several years working in the tech industry. At OOM, she works across marketing, communication, and brand awareness. Bebe is a graduate of Northeastern University.


Production + Fulfillment

Muriel founded SWRVE Apparel in 2005, running the entire operation from product development to production management. At OOMLA, she takes charge of all production and operations.


Healthy Relationships Content Creator

Shafia Zaloom teaches human development, healthy relationships, and sexuality, focusing on the importance of love and human connection. She is the author of Sex, Teens and Everything in Between (“The ultimate relationship guide for teens of all orientations and identities”); teaches at both the Urban School in San Francisco and the Harvard Graduate School of Education; and develops curricula and trainings for schools across the country. 

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