HYGIENE MYTHS  (original)

What NOT to do and why (the consequences)

1. The more you wash the better → nope! 

  • More washing dries out the skin, and so the oil glands underneath try to rehydrate the top dried-out layer by secreting extra oil. This just makes the skin greasy, increasing the chance of pimples. 
  • Also, beware of scrubbing your face too hard, because this can inflame the skin, making it splotchy, red, and more sensitive.
  • In the scalp, overdrying causes oily hair and dandruff.

2. Picking a pimple makes it heal faster → nope! quite the opposite! 

  • Picking may open up the clogged pore and release white blood cells (the whitehead), but it also opens a bigger hole on the skin, inviting bacteria to climb down into the pore where they can multiply and make pimples worse. 
  • Picking also causes more inflammation, which can make the area red and swollen.

3. No one notices when you don’t brush your teeth → you wish! 

  • The mouth is a bacteria breeding ground, and it’s those bacteria that make the breath stink. They need to be cleaned out regularly, especially in the morning.